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Camp Fire Wise Kids® After-School Snack Program

Tackling the Crisis of Overweight Youth

Camp Fire Wise Kids® is a science-based curriculum for children ages 6 to 11 that delivers wellness messaging and practical, hands-on activities that get kids moving and learning about healthier living. The goal is to inspire kids to begin a lifelong journey of making wise nutrition and activity choices.

Balance is Key

The Wise Kids® curriculum focuses on the Energy Balance concept (Calories IN = Calories OUT) to help fight childhood obesity. This simple theme promotes a healthy, lifelong approach to staying in balance for good health.

There are three programs available:

• Wise Kids: Introduces Energy Balance and how it works through lessons about MyPlate, food labels, the importance of activity, and how nutrition and exercise benefit the body.

• Wise Kids Two: The follow-on to Wise Kids reinforces Energy Balance with more in-depth explorations of nutrition and activity concepts such as vitamins, water, and bones.

• Wise Kids Outdoors: A stand-alone program which explains the Energy Balance concept while encouraging children to explore the outdoors and to understand the way nature and the earth live in balance, just like humans.

Program Format

Each lesson comes in three parts:

• Learn: a brief reading on the lesson's topic

• Do: Quick, fun, hands-on projects (mazes, word finds, art projects) based on the topic

• Play: A minimum of 30 minutes of (often silly) physically active games and activities based on the topic

Every lesson includes Energy IN and Energy OUT challenges to give kids goals for better eating and activity behaviors.

Wise Kids is taking an active role is addressing some of the most serious health issues facing youth today. To learn more, we invite you to click the links below.

• Facts About Childhood Obesity

• Facts About Nature Deficit Disorder

Every week our Wise Kids snack program delivers over 2,700 nutritious after-school snacks to several local community centers. Our snack program is in partnership with the USDA and is available for free to youth and teens in Pre-K through 12th grade.

Camp Fire Wise Kids® Snack Program