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Teen Academy at Camp Nawakwa

Program Goal:
We at Camp Fire Inland Southern California are committed in providing teens the opportunity to find their own ‘spark’ that will propel them forward in their lives, while having fun in the process.

The program was formally our Counselor-in Training (CIT) program.  The first two weeks of the Academy include workshops, leadership develop, operation & program understanding and camper interactions. Once a teen has graduated from the two week program they are invited to return for their practical placement portion, which can be an additional two to three weeks. Last year many of our teens choose to return for the entire summer.

Every teen will walk away with wonderful hands on experience and a collection of new friends.  Each teen will be recognized for their contribution on graduation night.  All teens will receive a certificate that acknowledges their hours and area of focus that be can be used for employment or college application.

To apply for Teen Academy at Camp Nawakwa
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The Camp Fire Difference

•Led by professional, caring adults using a proven formula.

•Help develop abilities, now.

•Open to anyone, but not for everyone.

•Participant-led –encouraging true exploration.

Teens in Action
A complete curriculum program designed to teach leadership skills and community service, Teens in Action focuses on the service-learning process. Along the way, teens participate in group challenges and individual quests.

Here are some quotes from our new Teens in Action Program

"I hope to grow as a person and to help other people who need it.  I’m trying to help out as much as I can because I love the feeling I get when helping others".  
Bianca, Age 16

"I have grown in many ways since I have joined Camp Fire.  I am a better leader and I have built better communication skills.  I am looking forward to helping less fortunate people and raising money for charities and other organizations".
Duncan, age 16

"Since this last summer, I have been volunteering with Camp Fire and I have grown so much though it.  I have developed my leadership skills and my love for the community has grown abundantly.  I feel like there is a lot all of us can do, at least starting to help the people who are less fortunate, feed the homeless and help families give presents to their kids during the holidays". 
Dani, age 16

"Before going to Camp Fire I wanted to be a doctor or emergency room nurse.  Now that I have been at Camp Nawakwa and seen so much that kids do, it makes me now want to work with kids.  I have decided that I want to be a kindergarten teacher". 
Drew, age 17


Our Teens in Action program is based out of our Rancho Cucamonga office. The program goal focus will be developing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication and social skills. As we light the ‘spark’ within our teens they will obtain a greater understanding of themselves, be more confident with a greater sense of independence and self-reliance.  Teens in Action program will provide a safe environment as our teens take on challenges as part of the program and as they experience life situations as individuals.
Teens in Action and Thrive®
Teens in Action is a complete curriculum program designed to teach leadership skills and community service, Teens in Action focuses on the service-learning process. Along the way, teens participate in group challenges and individual quests. Camp Fire has partnered with Thrive Foundation for Youth in a common belief that every child has inherent strengths that should be found, shaped, and shared with the world. We use Thrive Foundation’s research-based lessons—Step-It-Up-2-Thrive—to foster “Sparks Discovery,” “Using a Growth Mindset,” “Self-Reflection on Thriving and Risk Factors,” and “Goal Management Skills” in youth. Sparks content helps youth find their inner motivational passions that catalyze personal growth. When engaged in this search, young people learn strategies to discover greater purposes to their lives that can be shared with the world. In the Growth Mindset component, youth are taught how the brain thinks thoughts and acts like a muscle that grows stronger with challenge. They learn to explicitly call out effort, strategies, and seeking help as they respond to challenge. These are essential skills for reaching life goals. Youth reflect on thriving attributes grown and ones they will work on next. As they define personal goals, they learn a GPS Guidance System composed of 14 goal management skills that are keys to reaching for one’s full potential.
Program components will consist of regular weekly meetings, volunteering at local recreation centers, elementary schools, after school programs, etc.  We will also include outside speakers to talk with our teens on an array of topics such as money management, healthy life styles and team building activities.
If you would like more information on Camp Fire’s Teens in Action program, please contact the Camp Fire Office.

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