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Eating out without pigging out
Hey Alumni,

Just wanted to share some healthy tips when dining out. We all know the hardest part when dieting is maintaining your diet while dining out. But lucky for you, we have done some research and have found 8 strategies to not only curb your appetite but also save you money!

Rule number 1: eat a light snack before you go out. A light snack can be anything from a piece of fruit to some veggies-these will help take the edge off any hunger you may have and thus allows you to make smart choices when you order.

Rule number 2: Don't feel like you have to eat everything on your plate. Your stomach will let you know once it is full, so listen, and when your stomach says full STOP eating!

Rule number 3: Have an appetizer as an entree. The portions of appetizers are sufficient enough to fill you up.

Rule number 4: Split an entree with your friend. In most restaurants a main course is enough for 2 people!

Rule number 5: Don't order anything with the "value meal" or "supersize" title. Choose regular sized meals and use the extra money to buy a piece of fruit for your dessert.

Rule number 6: Have your waiter hold the chips and salsa/bread till after your meal is served, chances are you won't eat as many chips/bread.

Rule number 7: Ask for dressings, sauces and toppings on the side. This way you have control of how many calories you are eating.

Rule number 8: Finally, dessert. We all have a sweet tooth, but did you know, your sweet tooth can be satisfied with just one or two bites? So share one dessert with the entire table.

*Special thanks to Healthy Home News.
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