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Making a difference

Our goal is to help inspire our youth, to help them transcend into future leaders, but, how exactly do we accomplish this?

I have been speaking to several alumni these past few weeks and many of them reminisce about their time at our camp. Many recount adventures and friendships that they made. Often counselors tell me stories about youth they once had and how years later they are able to touch base with them. The counselors are able to find out all the wonderful things their previous campers are doing such as attending a university, working, and volunteering with other youth; often times the camper says they couldn't have accomplished their succesess without the advice/stories from one of our counselor(s). Our staff helps contribute to the growth of these youth by continously pushing them to move past their limits; we teach the campers fundamentals, so they can learn how to face challenges. We hope that these kids can learn from these fundamentals and carry them onto their future endeavors.

I don't know about you, but isn't that what camp is supposed to be about? Isn't it supposed to help inspire youth to push past their limits and aspire success? Well, I believe this goes hand in hand with our mission to build future leaders, and thus, I hope we continue to help shape the lives of youth for generations to come.

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