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When we think of summer camp, we often hear the phrase, " the experience really changed my life," but most people never explain why or how. So I decided to pry further and talk to people who have experienced camp at Camp Nawakwa-their stories were fascinating and most involved a trivial element; the element that they can achieve success beyond the scope that each individual had previously anticipated.  

Often times I heard people describe that their counserlors helped shape their views but education and life. Many said they learned life lessons that they still carry today. An important life lesson that they learned was the significance of attending a University and attempting to change the environment that they lived in. Quite often, the kids we had at our camp, were unable to experience a world outside of their own inner-city-neighborhood. The majority of these kids lived in environments where education was not emphasized and other means of survival took precedence and as a result many of these youth did not believe that they could achieve success; to them college was just a dream. However, after attending camp, and realizing their similarities and commonalities with other youth from various locations, the youth became empowered and felt that they too could achieve success and could fulfill the dream of attending a University.

This empowerment is a significant result for us at Camp Fire; part of our mission is to ignite change in our youth and promote future leaders. So I ask you alumni, how many of you have had a smilar experience such as this? And how many of you would love to share your experience with us? Feel free to post how Camp Fire and Camp Nawakwa impacted your life.
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I was an employee at Camp Nawakwa in the summer of 1984 and 1985. I worked with high school girls. I have such great memories of Slushi Meadows and San Gorgonio ( ol Grey Back) I went on to become a Park Ranger and Fire Communication Specialist with the National Park Service for 20 years. I now live in Lake Arrowhead and hope to vist again. Camp instills great values in the appreciation of our forests.

Carol Jandrall
Posted by carol Jandrall on 05/12/2011 06:28PM