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Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership


Through a collaboration with the City of Stanton, the Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership (GRIP) is a grant through the State of California’s Board of State Community Corrections. This grant is designed specifically to prevent further gang membership by working with elementary level schools by providing parents, school staff, and the students with gang prevention information and more importantly community resources such as counseling, basic needs, mentoring services and Out of School Time (OST) services. In addition, the school year is used to implement a curriculum for the entire school including staff and parents on gang prevention facilitated by law enforcement officers, deputy district attorneys and community based leaders. The success to GRIP is the multidisciplinary team partners from the community which includes the local law enforcement agencies, school districts, district attorney’s office, community and faith based organizations with each agency allotted specific segments to meeting the needs of the students. At the very heart of the GRIP program is the successful investment by families and students that school and their academic pursuits are key to gang prevention activities.